Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Pittsburgh, PA

Bioidentical hormone therapy at The Face Loft® helps restore your vitality so you feel like your best self once more!
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Pittsburgh PA

What is bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT)?

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is a treatment where we use equivalent hormones to those produced naturally by your body to restore and replace your levels to an optimal concentration for improved health outcomes. We offer BHRT because we know it works and it bypasses the risks and side effects of synthetic hormones, so the inserted hormone, be it testosterone or estrogen pellets or an oral progesterone pill, doesn’t have to undergo a conversion process in the body that leads to questionable absorption. From improving energy levels and mood to overall quality of life, there’s a lot our medically trained experts like NP Lauren can do with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for sexual health and general wellness.

what can bhrt do for you?

Whether it’s how you feel every day, lowered testosterone, or menopause, we can help with precisely administered BHRT that gets to the root cause of your problems. Benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy include:
  • Prevents muscle loss for greater retained muscle mass

  • Improved bone density

  • Benefits overall metabolic health

  • Manages and boosts energy levels

  • Weight gain management

  • Treats menopause and low testosterone as well as other hormonal imbalances

  • Bioavailable and safe

  • Improved mood regulation

  • Addresses sexual dysfunction

  • And more!

Am I a candidate for Bhrt?

Most patients who are struggling with the effects of lowered hormone production are candidates, especially if you are undergoing menopause or have low testosterone levels. Our team will ensure your candidacy in consultation, where we’ll also run tests to determine the state of your health. If you think your lack of energy, low libido, difficulties with weight loss, or mood dilemmas are caused by hormonal decline, come in for a consultation so we can get to the cause and make sure you’re feeling your best!

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Candidate

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy Treatment & Results:
What to expect

Prior to your first treatment, we’ll run a full hormone analysis to get a sense of your body’s metabolic health. BHRT is a process, so you’ll come in for multiple appointments over a period of time. The insertion of the hormones is minimally invasive, but we ask that you track your symptoms so we can see how you’re reacting and improving.

bhrt at the face loft

If you’ve been searching for a solution to your symptoms, let us get to the source and fix it with BHRT! Our compassionate caring team are ready to help you get in the best health of your life so you can flourish: all you have to do is call!