PDO Threads in Pittsburgh, PA

Combat laxity without surgery: we’ve got you covered with PDO thread lifts that last while improving the appearance of your skin and face.
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What are PDO Thread Lifts?

PDO threads are an innovative solution that has long been used in hospital settings as sutures. These threads, comprised of polydioxanone, lift and tighten your skin by pulling underneath the tissues. Your body also absorbs them to trigger the production of collagen to renew the treatment areas on a cellular level for lasting results: collagen is responsible for giving skin its firmness and bounce, so PDO threads are a regenerative alternative to a face lift. Once the collagen is generated, it provides structural integrity as the threads dissolve to keep you taut and toned. We can create gorgeous, customizable results with PDO threads that help balance your facial features while ensuring you love the skin you’re in.

what can PDO threads do for you?

PDO threads are a wonderful alternative to going under the knife, offering versatile treatment for a variety of concerns. Benefits include:
  • Addresses loose or sagging skin

  • Creates collagen

  • Smooths wrinkle lines

  • Facial rebalancing

  • Lasting results, non-surgically!

Am I a candidate for PDO Thread lifts?

As PDO threads have been used in medicine for decades, most patients who want to lift and tighten their skin or balance their face non-surgically qualify! We’ll have you come in for a consultation to best understand your needs and medical history, including your facial anatomy and bone structure to determine how we’ll treat your specific case. You’ll love how easy and effortless PDO threads are, especially the minimal downtime required for optimal results!

Woman Candidate for PDO Thread Lifts Pittsburgh PA

PDO Thread Lift Treatment & Results:
What to expect

Prior to your appointment, we’ll have given you preparation instructions in consultation. Once you’re in for your appointment, we’ll cleanse the desired treatment areas to prep, before applying a topical numbing agent and local anesthetic. We’ll insert the PDO threads using a cannula, then adjust them to ensure perfect results: once the ends are snipped, you’re good to go! You’ll need to be delicate with the treated area to allow your results to develop naturally. While the lifting effect is immediate, outcomes will continue to develop as the threads dissolve and collagen forms underneath the surface.

PDO Thread lifts at the face loft

From sagging lids to jowls, PDO threads can help revive your face to its most naturally beautiful state. Find out what we can do for your unique beauty when you schedule an appointment!