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The Face Loft ®  consists of a group of highly trained and educated professionals in the field of aesthetic medicine. We are not only dedicated to keeping current with the latest medical advancements and delivery techniques, but also we strive to provide unique and individualized treatment plans to our patients. Our team utilizes a medical model, rather than a business model, of delivering care and our patients are seen, valued and treated like members of our family.

Beth Panizales,

Beth has over 30 years of nursing experience, 20 of them as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner. She began working at The Face Loft in 2013 when, she desired to merge aesthetic interventions with her Acute Care Nurse Practitioner practice. She wanted to offer a distinctive approach to aesthetic therapy by combining her specialities. Beth has been trained in numerous advanced aesthetic techniques, continues with rigorous advanced training and always seeks to achieve natural looking results. In addition, she utilizes her experience in acute care to enhance her delivery of aesthetic procedures.   
As a true artisan in the field of aesthetic medicine, Beth will focus on YOU and the results you prefer to make age truly just a number! 

Anne Murphy, RN-BSN

As an experienced critical care nurse, Anne brings her attentiveness to fine detail and a passion for helping others look and feel their best. She has been extensively trained in aesthetic procedures and continues with advanced trainings. In addition, her creativity and artful eye gives her the ability to customize a treatment plan to fit each individual patient’s needs in order to deliver high-quality, natural looking results.

Liz Piocquidio, 

Liz Piocquidio, MSN, CRNP has over 7 years of combined nursing experience in oncology and women's health. Watching women battle through life changing illnesses fueled Liz's passion for wanting every woman (and man) to look and feel their best! Her extensive background in oncology/chemotherapy administration has given her the ability to critically think and fine tune her assessment skills. In addition to extensive aesthetic training, she has perfected her invasive techniques to deliver results with minimal discomfort. 

Shayne Bayer, RN-BSN

With over 9 years of nursing experience focused mostly in critical care, emergency medicine, step-down, in at home care and post-anesthesia nursing, Shayne excels in providing the highest level of care to his patients. He has a dynamic personality that instantly makes your day better!  He is passionate about alternative therapies and looks forward to blending IV therapies with his traditional medicine background. Throughout Shayne's nursing career he has started countless IVs allowing him to provide excellent IV skills. Shayne is eager to provide the highest level of IV therapy services to his patients.

Maggie Drennen,
Practice development

With a bachelor of science in Public Health Maggie is passionate about health and wellness and working within her community.  Because she has been employed within both the outpatient and inpatient medical setting since 2014, she hit the ground running! She keeps us on track and is often the voice behind your phone calls.   Maggie is excited to bring her knowledge and experience to the Face Loft.

Leann Attanucci, ACNP-BC

With over 20 years experience as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner, Leann brings her acute care skills to the Face Loft team.  As a true professional accustomed to managing the most serious of medical conditions, she is an expert in critical thinking, assessment and management.  With years of critical care experience prior to becoming a nurse practitioner, Leann is quite comfortable with interventional procedures. Her skillset, attention to detail and genuine compassion make for a winning combination.  

our why

Life events. Big or small they shape us and direct our paths. How we choose to look at them will determine whether we achieve victory or defeat.

A popular question I am frequently asked is what caused me to become involved in Aesthetic Medicine. Simply put, a life event. My youngest was born with a cleft lip and palate, a condition where in some countries is a life long sentence of deformity. Thankfully, life long deformity was not going to be our son’s situation. We met with the surgeon and he developed a plan involving a series of surgeries over the course of several years. As his mother, I saw first hand what the surgical transformation by a talented and compassionate oral maxillofacial surgeon named Dr. Bernard J Costello was able to do for him and his future. Under the skilled hands of Dr. Costello, he received more than a surgical correction. I watched him blossom and grow in confidence with each transformation and he will continue to bloom as his surgical journey is not yet complete.  

When we look better, we feel better and hopefully do better. The saying has truth. And the truth of how I practice aesthetic medicine is to assist people to achieve their full potential by helping them to feel better about the way they look. It is a blessing to be able to impact my patient’s lives in a positive manner.

We are so very thankful for the skills of Dr. Costello and others like him. That is why a percentage of all of The Face Loft proceeds are donated to The American Cleft Palate Association.  

The American Cleft Palate Association is a highly reputable medical organization that, in addition to developing quality of care standards for Americans, has international treatment programs providing care to different regions of the world.  

Looking better, feeling better and doing better thanks to one life event.  

- beth panizales CRNP, founder of the face Loft® 

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